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Application solutions for:
Business and management accounting,
payroll accounting and personnel management,
budgeting and financial analysis,
business process organization and control, and
control system design and optimization

Software system "1C:Enterprise" is an application solution system built on united principles and single technical platform, which is used for automation of business of enterprises of different lines of activities and patterns of ownership.

Range of Application
  • Automation of production and commercial enterprises
  • Organization and operation control
  • Business accounting involving multiple cards of accounts and arbitrary accounting measurements
  • Economic and analytical reporting
  • Payroll accounting and personnel management
  • Solution of planning, budgeting, and financial analysis tasks
  • Business process organization and control
  • Control system design and optimization
  • Consolidated fiscal and management accounting

1C:Enterprise is a universal cloud and on-premise system of programs for automating a companys financial and wider operational activities. 1C:Enterprise has the breadth of capability to address the diverse needs of todays business. This is achieved through "configurability" the ability to customize the system based on the specific needs of companies and their business processes.

1C:Enterprise Platform offers the following advantages:
  • Drastically reduces technological complexity, ergonomics, and performance issues of enterprise software systems.
  • Allows power users to implement specific business processes.
  • Speeds up and standardizes business application development, customization, and support.
  • Provides complete openness of UI and solution code, which allows better understanding and modification of business processes.
  • Is ready for integration with existing 1C applications and third-party systems.
  • Supports web-services, ODBC, COM, and so on.
  • Supports your preferred architecture: Windows/Linux, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and Oracle DB.
  • Includes on-premise or managed hosting web-based delivery, as well as Web, tablet, or Windows client.

1C:Enterprise allows you to do the following:
  • Adapt the software system to match the specific language of users and experts in the subject area concerned.
  • Speed up and standardize the development of applied solutions, as well as their implementation, customization, and maintenance.
  • Allow customers to see all of the algorithms of the applied solution and change them, if necessary.
The following table summarizes technologies and tools included in 1C:Enterprise.


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